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          Welcome to Jiangsu Duowei PUMP IMC

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           Our company was founded in 1958, after 50 years of efforts, from the production of sickle, hoe, rice transplanter and other agricultural prefix products started, 3 times after the transformation, now developed into modern science and technology enterprises specializing in the production of automobile water pump, exhaust system, damping piston casting base, turbocharger housing and other auto parts.

          We have the strength of the national high-tech enterprises, provincial and Municipal Engineering Center Auto Parts Casting Research Institute, two national standards of safety in production enterprises, through the automobile and components of TS16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification. In recent years, we have a great breakthrough in the research and development of high temperature resistant alloy material products, for the user to solve the process design program is our strengths and strengths.
          Our customers and potential customers are: US, ASC, GMB, Oriental, Faurecia, Chrysler, Continental group, Vios, CSIC and other dozens of customer friendly.
          Our aim is: pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, honesty, win-win cooperation, is committed to providing customers with the industry value and supreme service.