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          Welcome to Jiangsu Duowei PUMP IMC

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          Due to the development needs of the company, for the community to recruit the following talents:

          1.Engineering and technical personnel:
          In the recruitment of high nickel ductile iron, stainless steel, high silicon molybdenum ductile iron material for automobile turbocharger volute development engineer, requirements: Bachelor degree or above, age 30 to 55 years of age, peer companies more than 5 years work experience, assessment of hiring 10000 intermediate personnel monthly salary of 30000 yuan, 30000 yuan monthly salary of senior personnel above. Specific negotiable.
          2.Quality management personnel:
          Recruitment in quality control of automobile chassis parts products, familiar with TS16969 quality system operation process, has the very strong working experience of quality management quality management and Quality Engineer 1, requirements: Bachelor degree or above in mechanical industry, engaged in related work for more than 8 years of age, 40 to 55 years of age, assessment of hiring the monthly salary of 6000 yuan above.
          3.Financial management personnel
          Chief financial officer of the 1 requirements, intermediate accountant or above in mechanical industry, engaged in financial management work for more than 10 years, college degree or above, familiar with the operation of capital, financial cost control, accounting, operation of listed companies have a working experience preferred.
          The above personnel employed for five insurance.
          Welcome people to join the community to create more for a better tomorrow!
          Contact: 68858001, 68858068, 13813410118.
          Contact person: Mr. Xi  Ms. Wang